2 layers, board size ~80mm x ~ 60mm


Come from

The PCB looks very good, the price is very affordable. I got the product back very fast (1 week including shipping) after order submission. Whenever i had something to clarify with my order, I got an answer very quickly from the pcbway representatives. PCBway is very friendly and reliable. I will definitely collaborate again with pcbway for my next project.

*****  - 2014/9/21 0:00:39

Salut. Care a fost metoda de plata?...m-ar interesa sa fac niste placi imprimate aici..


*****  - 2014/10/22 3:03:34

nullSalut. Am platit cu cardul, nu mai tin minte daca prin paypal . Nu am avut probleme. Pretul este mult mai mic decat al altor companii ($15 pe 5 placi + $25 transportul)


c****to  - 2014/10/22 3:07:34

nullsalut. Am platit cu cardul prin paypal daca imi aduc bine aminte. Nu am avut probleme. Daca faci la ei sa nu faci actele pe firma si sa le spui sa ti le trimita ca pe un cadou sa scapi de vama. eu am platit $15 pentru 5 placi + tranportul ($25).


*****  - 2014/10/24 13:56:16

you are so beautiful