FR-4 1.6mm 1ox Cu 2 layers green mask with legend HASL with lead


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We are very pleased with the printed circuit boards that we ordered from PCBWay. Super fast service! PCBWay service rivals PCB manufacturers here in the U.S. The online real-time status permitted us to monitor the production process - a very nice feature. Great quality boards. The solder mask, silkscreen, traces, and solder pads are all good quality. Fantastic pricing! Not only are the PCBWay printed circuit boards high quality and fast, the pricing is exceptional and allows us to submit and receive prototype circuits with minimal cost. We ordered a short run of PCBs for an auxiliary circuit. We are so pleased with the results, we will be ordering our next run of our main circuit board (as well as re-orders for our auxiliary circuit from PCBWay. We will be recommending PCBWay to anyone who is in need of a PCB, prototype or production. Thank you for a great service and product! Jim Miller President ITBS Inc.

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