2 Layers PCB Board FR-4 1.6mm Red Mask HASL with lead


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This is my first deal with PCBWay. As sitting at far distance, it is difficult to find right company for your job through web. So it took many mail conversations with Daphne and she dealt very professionally all the matter even for a small 10 PCBs deal. I was satisfied and placed order and according to deal, order completed and I delivered product after receiving PCBs within deadline. No doubt Daphne is worthy asset of her company who well represented her technical team behind the wall which also deserves same appreciation as Daphne because the PCBs quality and price were, as they should be. So I highly appreciate Daphne and her team for a remarkable job. Now I can face the world with a new spirit as I know a good team is behind me. I would say that secret to grow of PCBWay is not big orders but small orders which make its big customers. Thanks PCBWay… Shahzad Rafiq Electronics Engineer